Hello, my name is André Kniepkamp and in 2002 I founded »leBeat«, my little freelance illustration-motiondesign-one-man-show and I live, work and skate in Cologne, Germany.
I studied graphicdesign in Bielefeld, Germany, with a strong emphasis on typography but I also have some deep roots in the graffitti culture, where my love for bold, simple and cartoony characterdesign comes from. After my studies I worked for several TV-stations and learned a lot about timing, 2D-animation and compositing. My main tools are After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator and yes, I like working in teams, too.
When not sitting in front of the computer I prefer things the oldschool-way, I paint a lot on driftwood or take photos with some analog cameras. I had several exhibitions showing my artwork and/or my photography. (Photo: Daniel Lembke)

My skills:
– Illustration (analog & digital)
– Characterdesign
– Graphicdesign
–  2D-Animation (analog & digital)
– Compositing
– Photography (analog)

Some clients I’ve worked with.